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About Facebook organic reach decline for pages posts and how to deal with it

For me, as a small business owner and a webmaster, since the beginning of December 2013 I suffered a big Facebook decline in organic reach for pages posts, it is very disappointing for business owners to know they have to pay to reach their fans who in most cases paid to gain them.


How to deal with the new Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm:

1- Share links as links, do not use text statuses to post a link, links now with bigger images make much engagement than before.
2- Use HD high quality eye catching LARGE images, and if possible try to use extra-ordinary images that is not seen everyday or just not usual.
3- Do not post all links or all photos or all videos, try to mix, videos now make most engagement.
4- Remember that Facebook announced it will decrease memes reach (However we do not see much effect for this yet).
5- Schedule posts if you are a single admin, try to make your page 24 hours active.
6- If you are a company you should try getting your page verified, getting the blue right mark beside your page name, currently as Facebook says it is not applicable to request verification, and it is done automatically, so try to make your page look authentic, with your rand name, physical address and contact details.
7- Try to optimize your Facebook ads, if you have any, to get the highest number of reach for each dollar you pay.

Finally if you have any opinion or a tip to increase Facebook organic reach for pages please share it with us in a comment.

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