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A scary and surprising voice from the Pacific Ocean

Nature carries many secrets , which science has not yet been able to find a logical and scientific explanation for it, and then scientists stand confused and can not find, but continued diligent in the narration of scientific theories may be a quick way, to dispel their confusion.

Until recently, we thought that the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean was the last controversial . But American scientists have recently spotted a strange phenomenon from the Pacific Ocean. Scientists have not identified the specific place in the Pacific, citing research secrecy. This strange phenomenon, in a terrifying sound from the Pacific, sounds like a siren that is silent for 20 seconds and then reappears horrifyingly. This frightening sound was first detected in 1991, then cut off and reappeared in 1994, then interrupted for a long time,  but in The last spring This frightening and mysterious  sound، Which appeared very clearly  can not be ignored.

Scientists who follow this strange phenomenon have confirmed that this sound has no parallel whatsoever on Earth, whether from a living being or even any invention or technology that exists, which has reinforced their puzzlement and monitoring of this unsolved phenomenon until now.

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