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The Cloverfield paradox film is avalaible now on Netflix and not getting a great response

The Cloverfield paradox  is an american science fiction horror film has been released by Netflix on February 4, The announcement of release during Super Bowl LII was met with a great excitement but unfortunately the film isn’t garnering the same response,the film initially had been named “God particle” without being connected to Cloverfield series, then, it was confirmed to be the last product of the series and had been named “Cloverfield Paradox”, it has been in developement since 2012 but its release had been postponed repeatedly.

The Cloverfield paradox Film is a science fiction horror film, released in February 2018, it’s the last product of Cloverfield series “2008’s Cloverfield and 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane”, The Cloverfield paradox will give sort of origion story to the mysterious happenings of the Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield lane and help tie the two films together.

The Cloverfield paradox

The Cloverfield paradox

The Cloverfield paradox :

the story of the film is about a global energy crisis that the earth suffer from in the early future, so the collective space agencise of the world try to supply the entire plant with unlimited energy by perfect the shepart particle accelerator, this will be achieved by launching a Cloverfield station, on the other hand, this project is very dangerous to be tested on Earth and will let monsters onto the Earth through portals to other dimensions that were opened when “Cloverfield paradox” happene.

Cast :

The film is written by Doug jung and Oren Uziel, directed by Julias Onah and produced by J J Abram.

  • David Oylowo as Kiel.
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ava Hamilton.
  • Daniel Bruhle as schmidt.
  • Chris O’Dowd as Mundy.
  • John Ortiz as Monk Acosta.
  • Zhang Ziyi as Tam.
  • Aksel Hennie as Volkov.
  • Elizabeth Debicki as Mina Jensen.
  • Roger Davies as Michael.
  • Donal Logue as Mark Stambler.
  • Clover Nee as Molly.

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