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In Egypt..Stop the singer insulted the Nile River

An insult of the singer Sherine “37” to the Nile River stopped her from singing، when One of her admirers from the audience asked her to sing that song “I did not drink from the Nile” To answer by saying،I will be infected with Bilharzia، and advice her fan to drink  Evania water.
Samir Sabri, a lawyer ، filed a complaint to the public prosecutor against Shirin for insulting the Nile River after mocking the river during a concert she held in Lebanon. Because insulting causes damage to Egyptian tourism and makes foreign tourists feel afraid of the river. And the negative impact on the economy.

The Egyptian artist got into trouble with a number of artists in the previous period،

Especially with singer who womens love him،Amr Diab. Which made many people attack her on social networking sites.

Official reply to Sherine

In response to the singer talk about the Nile River ، A spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health ،khaled Mujahid ،said، The Ministry’s success in eliminating Bilharzia disease and its causes.

And about the Nile River causing Bilharzia disease he said that not true

He also noted According to the latest statistic, the rate of infection is 0.2%. he add، A campaign launched by the Ministry to ensure eradication of the disease completely by 2020.

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