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Important Warning!! Laughter too much leads to “dangerous illness”.

It is known that laughter is not only negative, but helps reduce weight and reduce the level of sugar in the blood.

But recent medical research has revealed that excessive laughter can cause epileptic seizures, a heart hole, and rupture of the esophagus, contrary to the belief among many that laughter does not only remove your worries but keeps you from many diseases.

She explained that women who suffer from the syndrome of what is known as “racing heart” may be killed after a bout of laughter, and acceleration of the process of breathing, which may be subjected to severe asthma attacks that engaging in severe laughter may lead to urinary incontinence and hernia.

“The Oxford” University researchers used data from 1946 to the present day to study the benefits of laughter on the human body. The results showed that a dose of laughter a day could help to lose weight by burning about 2,000 calories.


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