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U.S. Box Office top 10 movies in June

U.S. Box Office this term is usually used in film industry and refer to the earnings of the movies when they are shown in cinemas and theaters, and it is so important for the audience to decide best movie to watch, and for the workers in film industry to know how their work go.

U. S. Box Office top 10 movies in June

  1. the action movie Wonder Woman starring  Ewen Bremner, with $330,529,475
  2. the animation movie cars 3 starring Owen Wilson (Voice) with $111,190,099
  3. the Sci-Fi Action movie Transformers: The Last Knight starring Mark Wahlberg with $85,103,351
  4. the Action / Adventure movie The Mummy (2017) starring Tom Cruise with $71,716,840
  5. the Animation movie Captain Underpants starring Kevin Hart (Voice) with $68,145,793
  6. the Drama movie All Eyez on Me Director: Benny Boon with $40,852,463
  7. the Horror Thriller movie 47 Meters Down starring Matthew Modine with $27,909,454
  8. the Comedy / Drama movie Rough Night starring Scarlett Johansson with $19,065,647
  9. the Horror movie It Comes At Night starring Christopher Abbott with $13,385,531
  10. the Drama movie Megan Leavey starring Kate Mara with $11,323,127

U. S. Box Office top 5 in history

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in December 18, 2015 with $916,257,964
  2. Avatar released in December 18, 2009 with $760,507,625
  3. Titanic released in December 19, 1997 with $658,672,302
  4. Jurassic World released in June 12, 2015 with $635,936,805
  5. Marvel’s The Avengers released in May 4, 2012 with $623,357,910

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