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Hollywood Actors’ jobs before becoming stars

The early life of Hollywood stars is not always strewn with flowers, but it was full of misery and suffering until they achieve fame now. In this album, we present Hollywood actors’ jobs before becoming actors.

1_Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp

The lovely and king of viewers’ hearts Johnny Depp sold pens in streets
to earn his living expenses. He also did not have a shelter so he lived in one of his friends’ car.

2_George Clooney:

George Clooney

Although George Clooney was born in well-off family, he decided to depend on himself as a youngster. He worked as tobacco farm hand and as a salesman in sports shoes shop.

3_Jim Carrey:


Although comedian Jim Carrey made us laugh in many times, there was a sad side in his early life. As a youngster, he was responsible for his poor family and worked as a cleaner. Also, he lived with his family in a small car.

4_Kanye West:

Kanye West

Although his wide broad fame in the world, his fans don’t know that he worked in clothes shop to fold clothes before his fame.

5_Gerard Butler:

Gerard Butler

He was born in well-off family and studied law in the faculty of law. Then, he worked for a long period as a lawyer before his acting career.

6_Sylvester Stallone:

Sylvester Stallone

As he is the hero of Rocky series’ films, he was born in very poor family and worked as an animal cleaner in the zoo.

7_Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt:

The handsome actor Brad Pitt was born in a very poor family and worked as a promoter for restaurants as he dressed up a chicken suit and stood in front of restaurants to advertise them.

8_Clint Eastwood:

Clint Eastwood

The famous actor and director Clint Eastwood worked in odd jobs before his cinema career as he worked as a van driver and as a woodman.

9_Hugh Jackman:


The hero of “X-men” series’ films, Hugh Jackman, worked as a clown before his cinema career. He was also a famous star in circus before his persuasion by one of his friends to enter cinema field.

10_Bruce Willis:

Bruce Willis

As a youngster, he worked in a chemical plant then a security guard before deciding to study drama and literature until he became a scenarist. Now, he is one of the most famous action actors in the American cinema.

11_Ashton Kutcher:

Ashton Kutcher

He worked as a cleaner at some factories as his job was to sweep cereal dust from its floor. Beside this job, he sold his blood to earn some dollars.

12_Sean Connery:

Sean Connery

The hero of James Bond films, Sean Connery, worked as a milkman by delivering milk to houses. Also, he worked as a lorry driver, a lifeguard, and a coffin polisher.

13_Walt Disney:

Walt Disney

The winner of 22 Oscar award, Walt Disney, worked as a paperboy as he delivered newspapers to houses. Then, he sold candy in railway stations and also drove an ambulance for the Red Cross.

14_Morgan Freeman:

Morgan Freeman

In his early life, he delivered newspapers and magazines to houses before joining the Air Forces and becoming a fighter pilot. After that, he worked as a dancer in fair.

15_Bryan Creston:

Bryan Creston:

While he studied police sciences, he worked on his grandfather’s poultry farm.

16_Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise

Although he was born in well-off family, he decided to depend on himself and delivered newspapers. Then, he worked as a bell hop at some hotels before isolating life and becoming a Catholic priest.

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