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Putin: We not Defend Bashar alassad and his opposition not angels

Russian president Vladimir Putin confirmed the Bashar al- assad did not use chemial waponse to attack his people ’and  Russian intelligene have information About to acting similar scenario in other area including near damascus. the attack was  provocation as we Convienced absolutely he said, and the attack done by people who wanted balame him for using chemical weapons ، He also pointed out that many Russians are fighting with terrorists in Syria.

Putin’s speech came during the Economic forum in St. Petersburg  on friday added، the russia does not defend the Syrian  president bashar al-assad but protecting syrian state from falling ’putin said. and al assad made a lot of mistakes and talking about his opposition they also not angels

The attack killed more than 100 people and moscow rejects Bashar’s responsibility ، and america strike the air base in Syria from which planes flew to do the attack in khan shaykhon، The attack led to international condemnations and America, France and Britain made a decision to be voted on  by security council But did not vote on it

and failed to move to respond to the massacre، Following an attack  in 2013  Syrian goverment agreed to destroy own stockpile of chemical weapons by united states  .


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