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Dollar Price Reaches Its Maximum Value with Donald Trump after Floating the Currency

Dollar Price today has passed through various stages of high and low levels throughout the previous period. The central Bank that govern the economic state decided to float the local currency. This means that each bank can offer its value for dollar. The customer also has the right to choose the bank where to buy and sell. This is based on currency prices.

Moreover the forex trading has become a basic life aspect of many worldwide citizen. Forex meaning is buying and selling worldwide currencies. IT includes the new currency known as Bitcoins. Bitcoin buy an sell is a fundamental aspect that many love to do it.

Dollar Price Today

Bank Buy Sell
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
18.08 18.17
Crédit Agricole Egypt
18.07 18.17
Egypt Gulf Bank
18.07 18.17
Al Baraka Bank
18.05 18.15
Misr Iran Development Bank
18.05 18.15
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait
18.05 18.15
18.05 18.15
Housing & Development Bank
18.05 18.15
Blom Bank Egypt
18.05 18.15
Central Bank of Egypt
18.03 18.13
The United Bank
18.02 18.12
Bank of Alexandria
18.00 18.10
Arab African International Bank
18.00 18.10
Banque Du Caire
18.00 18.10
Suez Canal Bank
18.00 18.10
National Bank of Egypt
17.95 18.05
Banque Misr
17.95 18.05

Dollar Price in Black Market

At the same time, the black market in Egypt decided to go through about the same level. In some places it reached 18.15 L.E for Buying and 18.25 L.E for selling dollar for customers who need the dollar for many things like traveling abroad for tourism.

Dollar price today has became a fundamental aspect of our daily life. It has reached its maximum value since Trump caught the presidency. No one know what the next days carry for it price. But it is obvius that the next days will carry a lot of surprises.

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