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Aya Hijazi finally out after 3 years in jail

Aya Hijazy is an US- Egyptian activist, who was set in Reserve prison in Egypt for 3 years for being accused of sexually assaulting minors, and inciting street children to join protests Pro-Muslim brotherhood, but she was went free after few days from the Egyptian president abd-elfattah el-sisi met the american president Donald Trump in USA.

Aya HiJazy, who is she?

aya hijazy

aya hijazy

Aya Mohamed Nabil Hijazy is 28 years old, grow up in Falls Church city in the state of Virginia in the United States Of America, and she gradueted  from George Mason University, before she moved to Egypt and Founded “Belady Foundation”, which aims to shelter and rehabilitate marginalized street children in 2013.

what happend  then?

In May 2014, the Egyptian police arrested Aya Hijazy and her husband Muhammed Hasanen, and others who work for the same foundation, from “Belady Foundation”Headquarter in “Muammed Mahmoud” street, close to the well known Tahrir square.

aya hijazy

aya hijazy

why did the police arrest Aya Hijazy?

Aya stayed behind bars for months with no specific accusation, Then she was told that she was charged on 7 counts, one of them was operating an unlicensed organizations, and inciting street children to join pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests.

aya hijazy

aya hijazy

and the most charge which went viral among Egyptians, is sexually assaulting minors.  But the group denied all the charges.

Aya Hijazy finally went free

After few days of the visit of the Egyptian president Abd-elfattah El-sisi to the the united states of America, and meeting the american president Donald Trump, the court dropped down all the charges against Aya and all the accused.


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