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Princess Leia Organa passed away

Princess Leia Organa also named (Carrie Fisher) in real life passed a way today, because of heart attack.

Princess Leia was the main actress of Star wars movies, in the last three parts. Princess Leia was our childhood-friend with her brother skywalker.


Princess Leia “life story”

Carrie Fisher born in October 21, 1956 , she was an American actress, & worked as screenwriter, author& producer, she gained her fame because of playing Princess Leia in star wars.

Fisher filmed the last part of Star wars Movie, and it was the last time fans seen her.


Carrie Fisher Death

Carrie fisher passed a way in December 27, 2016 after having cardiac arrest on flight, four days earlier, she died at the age of 60 years.

Carrie last tweet was fulling of joy and happiness.

Fisher gone and left a good legacy.


Princess Leia will be missed by the whole world and especially Star Wars fans who will really missed her so much



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