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US nationwide parks, from a century earlier to today

THE UNITED STATES Country wide Playground Service becomes 100 today, Aug. 25. To commemorate the milestone, one of the oldest & most important museums of picture taking is hosting a sensational show in its honor.

“Photography and America’s Country wide Parks” is open up through Oct at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY. The show honors the United Claims’ vast assortment of open public lands and monuments, from Yosemite and Yellowstone to the Lincoln Memorial, and even New York’s Stonewall Inn. As curator Jamie M. Allen decribes it, “this exhibition . . . illuminates the annals of the very most significant nationwide parks through lush surroundings images.”
The exhibition requires a wide go through the parks background, including basic images as an Ansel Adams vista alongside more funny images, such as a Willie Osterman photography of a mechanized tram filled with camera clad visitors moving up a hill. Images like these display the progression of the parks from the anonymous frontiers of the united states to the popular landmarks they can be today. But most importantly the selection was created to inspire visitors to look at countrywide landscape in the same way Teddy Roosevelt once do, a century previously: “It had been like lying down in a great solemn cathedral, way vaster and even more beautiful than any built by the tactile palm of man.”

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