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An Egyptian Blind Man Fixes PCs Hardware Problems!

Blind people in Egypt are about a million people while the visually impaired are about three millions, according to the estimation of World Health Organization (WHO).
Mohammed Ali, the Egyptian citizen, has become blinded since childhood. However, he was able to overcome his disability and started to repair PCs. Ali has determined to succeed despite the difficulties he faces.
The PC and its components are considered to be a mystery for many people. It contains wires and complex components as if one component is crashed, the entire device will be crashed. For Mohammed Ali, the matter is different.

Amazingly, Mohammed Ali has lost his sight at the primary stage, but he still has the ability to fix PCs.
“I have lost my sight at the primary school. I joined the Lighthouse for the Blind where I spent the primary, preparatory and high school. Then, I joined the Faculty of Arts Department of Psychology. In the fourth year of college, I had a computer course in Windows, Excel, and Word…etc,” said Mohammed Ali.
“Firstly, I have bought a Pentium 3 case and tried to discover it till I knew its components and mystries,” Mohammed Ali added.
Mohammed Ali does not need any guidance to repair a computer as he has his own philosophy. “Any PC is just a box (the case) where the motherboard is inserted. In this motherboard, we collect all components such as the processor, 2 fans which is used for cooling,” Mohammed Ali said.
Ali is working now as a computer technician. He also teaches computer hardware to other blind people. Thus, he proved that one can overcome many obstacles by being educated correctly.

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