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Requests for Twitter Snooping Double in Britain

Requests for Twitter users’ personal information doubled in the UK this year, according to Twitter’s transparency report. Twitter stated that UK government authorities made about 299 requests for users’ personal information between January and July, compared to116 in the previous six months.

This makes Britain the biggest requester for Twitter users’ private information in the European Union.

Twitter declared that it had complied with 52% of the requests for personal data of tweeters.


Twitter’s transparency report has been published since 2012.

Twitter said that worldwide requests for personal data had increased by 52%. The United States was one of the highest requester, and then came Japan and Turkey, but the United Kingdom remained in the top.

The company added that it has received nine requests from the UK police and government agencies to remove some accounts content. The company said that it has rejected all requests related to issues such as prohibited content or defamatory statements.

Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch, praises Internet companies’ transparency reports, through which the police can get data with far greater frequency than any other countries.

She added that the government should proactively publish its own transparency report, disclosing the number of requests, how often they are refused and reasons for the refusal.

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