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Facebook: No LOL Anymore

Facebook conducts a recent e-laughter study, all hahas, hehes and lols people use to express their amusement online. This study shows that the simple haha is the crushing and people use it commonly when finding something funny on social networks.On the other hand, LOL, which has been once the universal sign of amusement, is fading fast.

lol-troll  “E-laughing” study declares that LOL, representing just 1.9% of posts, is replaced by haha, representing 51.4%. Then emoji comes taking second place with 33% while “hehe” comes with 13%.
 The study finds that age, gender and location are great elements that determine laughter types:
Men, for example, typically use “haha” or “hehe”, while women commonly use emoji.
As for the age, LOL is always used by older people of 28, while those of 20s prefer to choose an emoji to show their amusement.

Concerning geographical location, people of west coast states always tend to use “haha” and “hehe”, while those of southern states still use LOL.
This study, however, is based on Facebook’s public posts without looking at expressions of laughter on its Messanger.

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