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Volunteers travel to west Africa to help fight Ebola

Volunteers travel to west Africa to help fight Ebola

Under the title : EBOLA : before it’s too late . Avaaz the non profit charity organization announced that they are raising donations to finance a campaign to help fight EBOLA virus .

In the past three weeks thousands of Avaaz members volunteered to travel to south Africa to assist in containing the deadly EBOLA virus . this heroic act is a live proof of the bond that they feel now as part of the international society .

But not all of members who volunteered can travel , so Avaaz asked one of the leading organizations in west Africa how 39 millions can support saving lives & stop the epidemic EBOLA  & the answer was simple but hard to hear

all they need now is sensitization equipment like : gloves , soap , chlorine , ambulance cars , beds & more of the equipment needed for the EBOLA containment efforts .

If the international society failed to secure these supplies the results will be catastrophic but every one can help.the cost of health protection equipments equals 280 USD ,these packs can only be used once so , volunteers need more than 15000 packs per month 50000 USD can buy ,deliver & equip ambulance car .

If 50000 persons donated 20 USD we will be able to buy 10 ambulance cars , 2000 protection suits & the front line organizations will be able to secure these supplies to international &   local doctors & nurses working in west Africa to fight EBOLA & the Avaaz volunteers will be able to save the world from EBOLA & contain this deadly virus before it’s too late

Avaaz team accepts donations on this secure portal at : https://secure.avaaz.org/ar/ebola_fr_donate/


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