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God’s miracles

              When we look at God’s creatures everywhere such as high mountains, colossal oceans ,seas,human,animals,birds,plants,insects……etc,we stand mesmerized and say God can do whatever he wants . In this addition we’ll talk about mosquito and migrating . We begin with the mosquito which has strange properties,it has senses which give it feelings and information about the prey. The female tracks her way to a blood victim by flying upwind towards a source of warmer air .It has saw like tube to cut the skin of human and send down her saliva into the wound so as to spill the victim blood and provoke an allergic reaction that will help pull up the blood ,it has a suction pump in its head draws blood up the other tube ,when the blood reaches her head another pump pulls the blood into her gut ,so her abdomen stretches like a great balloon,she can suck and drink blood at one meal equal to 2.5 times the weight of the insect . The female mosquito carries the protozoa that causes malaria when she bites human , her saliva flows down into the wound and the protozoa streaming into the wound  heading towards the human’s liver. Fortunately the male mosquito drinks only plant juice and never bites a human .Now the question is :who equips the female with all these amazing tools ?the only answer is almighty God .

                   The second topic is the migrating birds 

No one as far as i know ,can deny the migration of birds ,they leave their nest in Europe in the winter and stay  few month in Africa continent until the weather get warmer ,then they fly back to their original countries .Some birds migrate from Canada to South Africa , they fly about 6000 miles over the ocean .

           Not only is this very long flight and  extraordinary feat of endurance ,but also there are no land marks in the ocean to guide the birds .The question is : how do the birds find their way on these enormously long journey particularly as many of them fly by night ?! are they taught navigation or aviation ?!  do they have compass for showing direction  ?! the obvious answer to this quiz is : the God’s power is behind this miracle.


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