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Why should marketers target Google+ and Twitter instead of Facebook

Facebook recently announced more and more declining in organic reach for pages’ posts, a decline that is believed to reach near zero degree within this year. For a marketer point of view, this totally wrong and would drive Facebook to death and it is totally not acceptable to pay to reach people you already paid to get their likes, yet for a user point of view, this is giving him more news from friend rather than links that are not well under control!

Facebook to Google+

Facebook to Google+

Facebook by this new algorithms is favoring users over marketers, and also favoring big money investors over small business investors, you may not know as a small business owner that websites like Buzzfeed and Uporthy got increased organic views since December 2013!

Why then should marketers target Google+ ?
1- Google+ as long as you are not spamming you can reach 100% of your fans.
2- You can e-mail your circles, but be careful not to spam.
3- Google+ now have more users than twitter, and is growing faster.

Why you should target Twitter?
1- Twitter shows your tweets to all your followers.
2- Their policy is not expected to change as Facebook.

In fact even now you are reaching a sufficient number of customers using Facebook, you should know that Facebook plans for more and more decreased reach for pages, Google+ and Twitter deliver all your posts to customers, Google+ even let you e-mail them.

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